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Mario Beckford a graduate from the University of Technology with a degree in Engineering, is a quiet, soft spoken and extremely hard worker. If not always busy going through his paperwork at his desk can be found in the warehouse doing tasks that he refuses to delegate. Always ensuring that things are done a particular way is his daily cry when troubled about his lack of delegating skills.

Mario Beckford

Warehouse Manager/Event Supervisor

Sasha-Gay Hamilton

Client Services Representative and Marketing Assistant

“AKA” the new girl, has seamlessly fallen in sync with the Barcode Team. Her creative pizazz and her way with words have sparked a fire on our social media pages and within our marketing team. With her bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management from the University of the West Indies and over five years’ experience in Promotions and Event Planning and Management, there is always a great idea brewing under her sleeves.

Kibebi Johnston

Managing Director


Is known as the boss with a giving heart and a welcoming personality. She is a risk taker that will dip her feet in any water no matter how cold it is. She received her bachelor’s degree with honours at Wesleyan University with a double major in Advertising and Marketing Communication and Business Administration with a minor in Economics. She is currently pursuing her law degree from University of London after being certified as a mixologist at New York School of Bartending. Her position does not define her, she enjoys interacting with her team and assisting with daily activities and is always asking ‘what do we have to do today?’

Her height is not a reflection of her personality. Tyffani is outspoken and full of corporate style. In fact, her favourite comments are “We need structure”, “Let us create a system”, “This is an office!”  Revamping office procedures and keeping accounts in check is her daily routine.  She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Global Accountancy Institution Inc and holds over four years’ experience in Customer Care.

Tyffani Clarke

Administrative and Consulting Assistant

He is known for his colourful words and personality that is always bringing laughter to the almost always bubbling office. He is equipped with over eight years of experience in Event Management and over seven years in Human Resource Training and Management. Calvin ensures that all events are well executed and is always adamant that all event staff are well behaved and are always keeping in line with the Barcode vision and goals.

Calvin Roache

Event Manager

Some refer to him as a bartender, bar chef, mixologist or bar tuff.  Call him what you may, he loves what he does and is qualified in restructuring and transforming bars that are struggling to stay afloat. Boasting over 9 years within the bar industry. Wynton displays a rare passion for his craft, cocktails and customer service. With his expertise and skill, drinks are always on him!

Wynton Hudson

Consulting Manager

Nashell Brown

Procurement and Warehouse Supervisor/Event Manager

With over five years’ experience at Barcode Jamaica, Nashell ensure that our clients product needs are always met. With her jovial and hospitable personality and always ensuring that the next event will be as organized and well executed as the last she is always a favourite among our clients.

Shannon Singh

Client Services Manager

With a passion for Customer Service, Shannon’s degree in Language, Communication and Society with a minor in French from the University of the West Indies helps in making her communication process with our clients a seamless one. Her bubbly, enthusiastic and fun loving personality is always ensuring that all clients are happy. Answering the next call with an even chirpier hello than the last, is often times referred to as the ‘quote factory’ as she is responsible for matching client needs with their spend.

With a warm and welcoming personality, Ann-Marie brings spunk and character to our front desk. Her personality and passion for work always seem to leave a mark with our many satisfied clients. 

Ann - Marie Wilson


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